What's the first lesson like?

A first lesson typically has three parts.

Your goals and your voice:

  • We'll talk about your singing background, what you're doing now, and what you'd like to be doing with your voice in the future.
  • I'll guide you through some short scales and maybe a bit of a song to hear how you currently sing.

Next steps:

  • We'll talk about possible next steps for improvement, unless you're singing pretty flawlessly, in which case, I'll let you know :)
  • You'll do some exercises that let you immediately experience improvements in your singing.
  • We'll reinforce the better coordination with ever more challenging exercises and, at a certain point, we'll apply the new ninja-like coordination to a song.


  • We'll review any new skills you learned and discuss how to best strengthen your voice through practise.
  • After the first lesson, any subsequent lessons work similarly, just with even more time devoted to developing your voice.

What's a regular lesson like?

Regular lessons typically have three parts:


  • You'll start with some exercises to warm your voice up and get it ready to work on newer skills and songs.

Building your voice:

  • You'll do exercises designed to challenge your current skill level and get your voice ready for song work.

Song work:

  • We'll apply what you're learning to a song.
  • If you don't have a song in mind, I love suggesting songs. I keep a database of songs, organized by degree of difficulty, so we can quickly pick a song that will provide just enough challenge for your current skill level.