Are you a friendly person? 
No. Wait–yes. Yes, very friendly :)

How are you trained to teach voice technique? 

  • Eight years of training in Speech Level Singing technique and related methods.
  • Formal singing, speech, and acting training at York University.
  • Ongoing attendance at voice technique workshops and conferences.
  • Ongoing study with mentor teachers in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Las Vegas.
  • I have been singing and studying voice, privately, myself, for over 20 years.

What other training do you have?

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts, Honours in Music degree, York University. 
  • Bachelor of Education, UBC (in progress)
  • Voice and jazz piano studies at Capilano University.

What else do you do, musically? 
I'm also a musical director and pianist, who plays for and directs musical theatre shows, jazz ensembles, original artists and cover bands.  Recently, I’ve performed and musical directed with:

  • Arts Club Theatre (Avenue Q substitute pianist/musical director)
  • Studio 58, Langara College (Grease pianst/MD)
  • The Famous Players Band – Vancouver-based cover band (keyboards/MD)

Have you accompanied or musical directed any famous people? 
Why, yes I have! Some highlights include:

  • Mark Preston (of The Lettermen).
  • Pamela Blake (star of Broadway Evita).
  • Michelle Murlin (Fantine in Broadway Les Miserables).
  • Philippa Healey (Cosette in London Les Miserables).

I also coach many local and national theatre professionals. See Client Testimonials for more

Do you have experience working with high school age students? 
Yes–tons.  We seem to get along great. See singing lessons > teens for more.

Do you perform as a singer, yourself? 
Yes. I sing in my bands, and as a solo lounge musician. Mainly, though, I sing at cast parties leading cheesy pop singalongs.

Do you like animals? 
Yup! (But there are no pets here, if that’s a concern.)

Is that really your car? 
Yes. Stop laughing.

What else do you do? 
I’m really into cooking, reading, hiking, skiing, photography, croissants, hanging out with family and friends, watching movies, and napping.