Drop In Lessons:

Rate: Drop in lessons cost $140/50 minutes.

  • Drop in lessons may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 72 hours in advance for no charge. Cancellations made after this time are charged at full rate.

  • Drop in lessons are subject to availability. Note that this studio is highly geared toward weekly recurring lessons. As a result, drop-in availability can disappear suddenly and for unpredictable lengths of time. That said, I'm happy to see if I can make additional time for singers who may have an upcoming audition or performance, etc. I can be reached at court@courtenayennis.com or 6047268400.

  • Any lesson a client is not happy with is always free.

Weekly Recurring Lessons:

Rate: Weekly recurring lessons cost... it's best to think of them as nearly the same cost as drop in lessons ($140/50 minutes), but with "cancellation insurance" built in, in the form of a discount ($120/50 minutes), giving weekly clients, effectively, a free lesson every eight weeks, or up to six free lessons a year, if a client never misses or cancels. Conversely, if you do need to miss or cancel, up to once every two months, you're still coming out ahead, plus you have a slot reserved just for you. Here are more details about how it works:

  • The weekly recurring rate is paid in advance, a month at a time. The recurring rate is available any time a client books and pays for four or more consecutive lessons, at the same weekly time (e.g. $480 for four 50-minute lessons).

  • Weekly recurring lessons may not be canceled or rescheduled with short notice, including for illness, but read on for more details and some exceptions.

  • Weekly recurring clients will have a slot reserved for them. Clients are free to arrange to miss a week or two, occasionally (e.g. for trips, concerts, etc.) and keep their slot, long term, by discussing upcoming absences before the month they occur in (and at least ten days in advance, if the absence is at the beginning of a month). Absences discussed in advance in this manner are not subject to any charge. Absences not discussed in this manner will be charged. Absences discussed after payment, but at least 10 days before the lesson in question may be canceled without charge at the teacher's discretion.

    • Simple version: Email about any upcoming absences as they arise to keep things simple :)

  • Months where recurring clients are booking fewer than four lessons in their slot will be charged at the full rate of $140/50 minutes. Conversely, months with five potential lessons in a given timeslot only require that four lessons be booked to receive the discount (i.e. some months you can miss a week and still get the discount!); this can help with monthly budgeting.

  • Teacher will extend the discount in months where lessons fall on certain major holidays (e.g. Christmas), even if there are fewer than four lessons booked that month, as a result. Other than Christmas, the studio stays open for most holidays, so special notice will be given if studio is closing, in most cases.

  • Teacher may occasionally need to cancel and will reciprocate with the above policies: Lessons canceled by teacher with short notice will be made up with a free lesson, plus the client will receive one "free flake" to use in the future. For lessons canceled by teacher after a month has been paid for, but with more than ten days notice, the client will receive a "free flake" to use in the future at their discretion.

  • A "free flake" means a client may cancel with little or no notice on the teacher; "free flakes" are given out of respect for clients' time if/when the teacher has to cancel.

  • Clients are free to leave at any time, but I ask that they plan to finish out any month they've paid for, if possible. Conversely, if a client needs to leave, I want them to leave as happy as possible, and I will refund unused lessons if a client needs to leave the studio mid-month for any reason.