Want to sing, but fear you're tone deaf? 

First of all, I think "incurable or permanent tone-deafness" is mostly a myth. It can usually be overcome with effective training.

Second, we use special software, here, and other unique tools, to quickly get you experiencing more success with your pitch accuracy.

Is Tone-Deafness Curable?

Permanent tone-deafness is, I believe, mostly a myth. Famous conductor Benjamin Zander, in a recent TED Talk, pointed out that if you were truly tone deaf, you wouldn't be able to recognize your mother's voice on the telephone, or tell if she's happy or sad. I think he's onto something.

Almost everyone can hear pitch well enough to sing--often the issue lies with pitch muscle coordination.

Best Treatment for Tone-Deafness:

If you think you are tone deaf, you may well be hearing the pitch correctly, but just not finding the right muscle coordination to help you match the pitch--I'm referring to a few tiny, but very important muscles in the throat that determine pitch. Often all it takes is a few exercises to help your brain talk to these muscles, better, and you'll get an instant improvement in pitch accuracy.

I've worked with many singers who have been told they were tone deaf, and seen quick improvement in all but one or two of them. Most had a breakthrough in the first lesson, and went on to see their consistency improve to the point where pitch was barely an issue, within a couple months.

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