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From da Costa Talent:

Melissa panton, da costa talent

Melissa panton, da costa talent

As a triple threat talent agency with clients that must act, dance and sing, Courtenay is one of our go-to coaches. He is skilled at dealing with singers of all calibres, assessing their needs, and making them feel comfortable with the art of singing whether it be for stage or screen.
We always receive strong feedback on his coachings.
— Melissa Panton, Principal Agent at da Costa Talent Management

Teens - Beginner and Intermediate

Emma re singing lessons with Courtenay
In only six months Courtenay has taught me that I am capable of singing with much more ease and nuance than I thought possible. My range and control have improved a great deal since I started.
— Emma, Grade 11. Songwriter, R&B Band Soloist.
Gabby re voice lessons with Courtenay
Courtenay has made me a better and more confident singer. I really enjoy our sessions together and recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their singing.
— Gabby, Grade 12. Dancer.

Adults - Beginner and Intermediate

Helen on Singing Lessons with Courtenay
Courtenay is teaching me a new way to sing - giving me a brand new set of tools. He blends perfectly the art and science of singing, and his lessons are challenging and fun. A consummate professional, his instructions are always clear and consistent. I’m glad I found him.
— Helen del Val

Pop, Rock, and Indie Singers

I booked a lesson with Courtenay after moving to Vancouver to pursue my career in singing/songwriting/performing. I was in the process of beginning recording my EP and was delighted to be able to work on my own songs, start building better technique, and gain knowledge on healthy singing that I can use in shows and recording. I now have lessons that I can use in many different situations for my voice, even everyday speaking!
— Carley Belfry, Singer/Songwriter

Industry and Teacher Recommendations:

Lisa Stevens, Broadway Choreographer

Lisa Stevens, Broadway Choreographer

As a choreographer and performer on Broadway, and the West End, I’d heard the standard advice about singing many times—usually to do with breathing and placement. Watching Courtenay work, though, convinced me that there are more effective ways for performers to find the strong “mix/belt voice” creative teams are looking for.
I’ve led several workshops with Courtenay, and it’s always impressive to see him coach. He quickly assesses and tweaks each singer’s technique, so they immediately experience better singing.
For myself, as I tried his warm-ups with the group, I felt a different kind of ease and clearer tone with my high notes, which I was not expecting. We all gained new, valuable approaches to singing in a short period of time.
I also appreciated his ability to relate various concepts to dance technique.
It’s obvious that Courtenay has a passion for voice technique and understands it on a deep level. More importantly, he knows how to break that knowledge down into simple steps that anyone can apply. I give Courtenay my highest recommendation as a teacher.
— Lisa Stevens, Broadway Choreographer and performer. Chicago (West End), Bombay Dreams (Broadway), Disney's High School Musical (US Tour), 9 to 5 (1st National Tour).
Peter Jorgensen, Director and performer

Peter Jorgensen, Director and performer

I had the pleasure of working alongside Courtenay when he was the musical director for Grease at Studio 58. His passion for, together with his knowledge of vocal technique clearly rubbed off on the cast. In gentle and supportive, yet very specific ways, he helped so many of the students become stronger, more confident singers. Anyone looking for clear, tangible techniques to improve his or her voice would do well to coach with Courtenay.
— Peter Jorgensen, Director. Avenue Q (Arts Club), Les Miserables (Chemainus), Floyd Collins, Light in the Piazza, Into the Woods, The Full Monty (Patrick Street Productions). Arts Club Music Theatre Intensive program director.