I'd love to help you nail your solo! You should get results out of even just one session. Conversely, if you have time... might want to consider doing more.

Two Approaches to Nailing Your Solos:

There are basically two approaches to improving your solo pieces:

  • "Magic Tweaks": If you can only do one or two sessions, we'll mainly focus on your song and drill some quick tweaks that will make the song easier. This will yield great results compared to doing no coaching at all.
  • "Building Beautiful Technique": If you can do more than a couple sessions, we'll keep your songs as the main focus, but we'll also spend more time on general technique. This approach can yield more profound, and more reliable improvements with your solos, along with everything else you sing, going forward. 

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Scott Augustine on Solo Coaching
After just one lesson with Courtenay, my high notes became easier and more stable. I was able to immediately apply what I’d learned to my performance of White Christmas, that evening.
I found the tone and the ease with which it came out surprising, and I’d definitely encourage others to try the method Courtenay uses—it really is a unique and powerful way to improve your singing.
— Scott Augustine - Dancer/Singer/Actor. Riff in West Side Story (Vancouver Opera), White Christmas, Gypsy (Arts Club)