The only reason to master technique, is to be sure the body does not interfere with the soul’s free expression.
— La Meri, Choreographer, Poet, and Scholar.

Many clients start off with a guitar or piano interest, then realize they'd really like to be able to sing, and use their (other) instrument to self-accompany.

Learning to sing can be just as fun as learning to play any other instrument, so if you enjoy your instrumental lessons, voice lessons can be a lot like that, too.

Some people might think of voice training as more about confidence or telling a story. There is a role for those concepts--as there is when playing any instrument--but there are also a lot of basic technical exercises and progressively challenging songs you can work on, to develop a basic technique, just like you would on any other instrument. If you just practise the right things with sufficient focus, you'll learn to get around an impressive range, in an efficient, easy way, that yields great tone.

Can I bring my guitar into lessons? Yes! In the beginning it's probably most important to focus on just singing. As you get more advanced, though, it's great to make sure your singing habits can stick when adding another layer of complication--i.e. self-accompaniment.

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