Hit High Notes Better:

Most singers with bands or solo projects who come here are looking for technique help. As much as making original music is about passion, creativity, and artistic expression, sometimes, before all that, it's also just about delivering solid high notes. That said, we can delve into the artistic side of things, too, but I'll probably be most valuable to you, at least at first, for technical guidance.

Some singers are born with a natural gift for singing high with easy and great tone. For the rest of us, learning to sing as high as we'd like, without sounding strained or flat, or cracking into a weak, breathy tone, can seem like an unsolvable mystery. There are a lot of voice teachers promising to be able to solve that mystery for you, but it can be daunting and expensive to find what really works for you.

Rather than try to convince you what I teach works, I'll just highlight a few things about my training and experience, and let you decide if you want to try a lesson. 

Most of my training, and continuing certification has come from three organizations; two with incredible track records in the commercial music industry, one with the highest scientific credentials in the singing world:

  • Speech Level Singing (SLS): Developed by legendary Los Angeles voice teacher, Seth Riggs, SLS technique is used by Stevie Wonder, Kelly Clarkson, Prince, Maroon 5, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Sara Bareilles, and over 100 Grammy winners.
  • The Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA): Founded by six former Speech Level Singing master teachers, IVA technique is used by Imagine Dragons, The Killers, finalists on The Voice and American Idol, and numerous Pop, Disney, and Broadway stars. IVA technique combines, in my opinion, the best parts of SLS technique with a better understanding of vocal science and it's use in training singers.
  • Dr. Ingo Titze, Director, National Centre of Voice and Speech, University of Utah: I've done extensive training in the science of singing, as it's currently understood, including studying with Dr. Ingo Titze--one of the most published voice scientists in the world.

Study with a Working Musician who "gets it":

I'm also an active commercial musician, with many years of experience playing for original projects, live and in the studio. I also musical direct Famous Players Band. We cover any kind of pop, rock, indie, and hip hop you can imagine, so when it comes to your genre, chances are I get it.

No Risk Guarantee:

The first lesson, and all lessons, come with a no-risk money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with your lesson, for any reason, the lesson is free.

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