Mike Gill on being a beginning singer
Courtenay was my first singing coach. He took an untrained vocalist and, in the span of only a few weeks, made me excited to be on stage in song. As someone who never saw myself singing in public, let alone as a soloist in a musical, I’m honestly just excited about my confidence and willingness to sing now. Simple guidance, honest opinions, and a lot of fun made Courtenay’s teaching invaluable to me.
— Mike Gill, actor. "Teen Angel" in Studio's 58's production of Grease.

Beginners Welcome!

Complete beginner? That's great with me! If you want to sing better, I'm happy to teach you, regardless of your experience level. 

We'll keep things challenging, positive, and fun.

Feel free to read about how lessons work, or get in touch with any questions.


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Goofing around at karaoke with Rebecca.

Goofing around at karaoke with Rebecca.