General, Singing-Related:


  • “I’m new to voice lessons” and/or “I’d like voice lessons to be casual and fun.”
  • “I’ve had a lot of lessons, already, and…”
  • “I might want lessons, but I can’t afford them, right now.”
  • “I might need to be kinda on-and-off, or need to move my lesson time a lot.”

Experienced Performers/Serious Students:

  • “I want to find a great teacher and see how good I can get!  Yeeeeahh!!!”
  • “I just want occasional coachings/auditon prep, etc.”
  • “Hey, wait a minute–don’t you cast shows, too?”
  • “I’m pretty happy with my voice, already–anything in it for me?”
  • “I’ve had so many voice lessons, but I still have some limitations–I think I’m stuck with them, though.”
  • “I know I reach a bit, up high, but I get by okay, especially if I’m careful.”
  • “I have this friend who used to be able to sing really high just fine, but now their voice seems to be getting lower, or less resilient.”


  • “Okay, I’m really not looking for lessons, I just clicked over here from facebook.”
  • “Isn’t this whole list just designed to get me to buy lessons?”

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