Song and Dance Prep Services:

  • Professional technique coaching for your song.
  • Lessons geared toward new singers, with concepts that have parallels in dance. 
  • Sing higher and louder, and with better tone, in a way that won't strain your voice.

Come in to work on specific songs, or just to be a more versatile performer. I have extensive experience training dancers new to singing, and working in the dance world, in general.

Aside from me using more dance-specific analogies, the work is the same as preparing for any type of solo performance. Whether you only have a little time, or a lot, we'll address your song the best way we can with the time available. 

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Gabby re singing lessons for dance competitions
Courtenay has made me a better and more confident singer. I really enjoy our sessions together and recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their singing.
— Gabby, Grade 12. Song and Dance Competition Soloist, R&B Band Soloist.