Henya on College Auditions
First, I got into NYU so YAY!!

Courtenay helped me to prepare for auditions at various performing arts universities in the States. The vocal techniques he introduced to me were extremely effective, and easy to learn through his informed and clear teaching style.

My lessons with Courtenay have allowed me to sing more easily, with better tone. I now feel prepared for whatever styles I may need to sing in, as my career develops.
— Henya, Singer/Actor, Grade 12.

Things to consider when preparing for a college audition:

  • Study with an effective teacher. Obvious point, but "how to find an effective teacher" can be less obvious. It's a good idea to shop around. You can also give me a call at 604 569-1619 if you want to discuss anything prior to trying a lesson. Or check out The Method, and Training and Experience, and look around the site and the blog to get a feel for what you should be looking for, technique-wise, in a teacher.
  • More prep time is better. Learning to sing well is like learning to dance well, or play an instrument or sport well. All require developing skills, some of which take time and good training to become habits. These new habits take even more time to become ingrained enough that you can rely on them in an audition or performance situation.

    Doing a couple coachings before your audition is way better than nothing. If you are really serious about getting into a competitive school, though, and have the time, I'd say a minimum of four months and up to one or two years is ideal, to ensure you'll develop your voice as much as possible, and be able to rely on your new, improved singing habits when it really counts.
  • Work with a professional musical director and/or audition accompanist as part of your prep. As an active musical director and audition pianist for over forty musical theatre productions, for companies including Arts Club, TUTS, and Studio 58, I can help you prep certain intangibles regarding auditions based on first-hand knowledge of the process. Please see Music Theatre Auditions for more on this.

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