Basic Factors for Choir Auditions:

  • Pitch: If you think you may be tone deaf, or need help matching pitch better, please see Improving Pitch.
  • Tone and Range: This comes down to building your technique, over time, which is what every lesson here is about.
  • Ability to Hold a Harmony Part: Let's practise harmonizing! I've taught harmonies for years and have lots of tricks to help you improve this skill.

Other Factors:

  • Prepared song: Work on an assigned audition piece, or we can pick something for you to prepare for auditions, together. I keep a special database of songs indexed by difficulty to help clients quickly find songs that are just right for their level, and challenge them just enough to get them to the next level.
  • Ability to Read Music: You can get help with this, here. The process is simple and involves some special singing drills, and going through workbooks that can be found at most music stores.

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