"How do I stand out at my audition?" 
One way: Sing solid, relaxed high notes, with great tone, and no strain or pitch issues.

"What does it take to sing high notes well?"
An above average command of voice technique.

"How do I get above average voice technique?"
Good training and proper practise. 

"How long does it take to develop good singing technique?" 
No simple answer. How long does it take to play guitar, piano, or violin well? Or do multiple pirouettes well? We'll go as fast as we can.

Progress should be felt every lesson. The ability to sing at a consistently better level should be felt every 3-4 months.

"My audition is in a few days. I don't have months or years."
No problem. I get it. Often, in just one or two sessions, we can make some simple tweaks that make your audition better--way better than getting no technique coaching at all.

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